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Getting threat messages from [email protected]

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#1 AlfonzoCro


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Posted 26 July 2020 - 08:07 PM

i am getting threat messages of ddosing from the email [email protected]



Dear webmaster/s,

We would like to inform you that we’re forced to attack your website and affect its ranking, traffic, and everything related to its financial situation. We will be forced as well to attack the website every day for 6 hours during peak periods in order to achieve much bigger damages.
We don’t want money to stop the attack. We just have a simple request that if you accepted we will stop everything.
You can enable CloudFlare Under Attack mode, and you will see that it can’t help you. CloudFlare can protect you from 1 Gbps attacks maximum, and paid services up to 10 Gbps attacks maximum, but our attack is much bigger than that. You can waste your time finding solutions to stop the attack, but eventually you would realize that you’re only wasting your time, and losing your traffic and SEO preparation.
Let us know, if you’re available to talk!

Best Regards.
IdlePeak Group admin: Alex D.



It seems like you said “Ok”, and went to extend your hosting ability. However, it won’t help. We have the ability to take your whole hosting down and not only your website.

Attack will be restarted now.

Rocky, [22.06.20 10:21]
Seems like you’re taking this seriously now, which is a good sign.

However, before we make our request, we want you to send us a list of your competitors, in this format:
- Website link - Email contact
- Website link - Email contact

If the mentioned website has no contact email, then leave the email part empty.

The list should be perfect, and professional and include as much as you can of competitors.

As for our request:

We are not looking for money but rather our request is very simple and inexpensive, but we will not display it even after influencing your site with continuous attacks. As you know, if Google started to receive errors from your website, such as the error your website is showing under our attack, they will hide your posts from search results, which represent more than 13% of your total traffic, and even your direct traffic which represent the rest of the traffic will stop coming again. According to our experience, within 8 days mostly, your website will be totally removed from search results and you will lose your keywords if your website stability is totally fucked up, so it’s better for you to not reach that point with us.

We need to make sure you’re handling our request seriously, so make sure you prepare a professional list as mentioned above. Until then, we will give you our request. Show us how serious you’re with that list, so we can talk and stop the attack. Make sure you send reasonable and wise replies because trying to make this matter “Ironic” doesn’t come in your interest and benefits, considering that we can keep your website down forever.




Allow me to be ironic this time; did you think the DDos we sent to your website with the shared hosting you’re using is costing money? Man, just use 3 PC’s with automatic F5 reload and your website is down. 😹

If you have any previous experience, you would know DDosing shared hosting websites doesn’t cost even 1 cent per day, because the traffic that is being consumed on your website is less than %0.1 of what we have, that’s besides that even if we used 100% of our power on much bigger platform, it wouldn’t cost us anything since we have the ability to use all hacked PC’s from the world.

We’re not using our resources at all. We send malware to PC’s all over the world and use their PC’s in the background to send these requests, and even the PC owner isn’t able to identify this, while he is using his PC normally. So what is exactly the costly process? 😂😂😂😂 We have the PC’s already so we’re not paying for anything.

We don’t even need money. We have enough money to loan governments if we want.

So think twice, and this is the last chance I am giving you. wink.png


and he demands some money probably, does anyone had the same issue?

#2 Pirate Tony

Pirate Tony

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Posted 26 July 2020 - 08:08 PM

What is his point on this? What he wants to do? Yeah sure he has money to loan governments biggrin.png , i suspect they trying to get your info's somehow and trick you into something.

#3 EloyCuella



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Posted 26 July 2020 - 08:08 PM

woooooooooooooow its like WTF!!!!!!!!!

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