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WARNING! Banned hosting providers from e-worldhosting.com - Watch out and not buy from them.

scam scammers

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Posted 29 August 2014 - 12:16 PM

Due to resend reports that has been written on e-worldhosting.com for all our protection it will be written here the list of the banned hosting providers and the reason they got banned from our community.

After a multiple number of bad reports gets or a serious reason for a hosting provider it will be listed in this list and the reason for its ban.



Be careful and not buy from them!


  1.             2sync.com

  2.    alibabahost.com

  3. bulletproofvps.com

  4.     diggdigital.com

  5.      DDoscover.com

  6.      Dediservers.net

  7.         cmssonic.com

  8.    vpsdatabase.com



The reason for the above hosting providers in detail below. Please read and not hesitate to write your review if you faced a bad experience or a scam by opening a topic here.









  • 2sync.co - Banned for scamming money from a client, he had a fake money guarantee on the terms of service and he scammed his client money, the client made a topic here on e-worldhosting.com and the owner of 2sync.co answered he never posted any proof. More here.

Typical scammer, bad support, unprofessional, fake services.




  • bulletproofvps.com - Banned for providing fake services, bad support, unprofessional and rude support (Click on More Here they are logs of evidence), operated by kids, not refunding even if they have money guarantee, posting fake feedbacks for their scam company bulletproofvps.com in various websites. Their service is not bulletproof they advert the word bulletproof to attract clients and to bump their prices high. More here

Fake services, bad and rude support, unprofessional, not refunding money even if they have money guarantee, not bulletproof advert fake services to attract clients and bump their prices, posting fake feedbacks in various websites.







  • alibabahost.com - Banned for bad support and not answering to clients tickets, bad quality of services, not refunding money. More here

Typical scammer, bad support and bad quality services.




  • diggdigital.com - Banned for scamming money, not answering tickets, they have fake phone customer service numbers, they are using multiple websites. Their other scam website is called parkinhost.com they say they are offshore but they are not so they can attract clients. More here

Bad support, proving fake services, having multiple scam websites.



  • DDoscover.com - Banned for scamming his clients money and not refunding them, very low quality services a lot of downtime, support very rude and the most bad ever. They may open a new website name to advert their hosting company. More here

Scamming clients money and not refunding, unprofessional, fake services, very low quality services and downtime.



  • Dediservers.net - Banned for unprofessional support, slow line and lot of downtimes, not making refunds even if you ask them even if they have money guaranteed. More here

Unprofessional support, slow line and lot of downtimes, scam, not refunding money even if they have money guarantee.



  • cmssonic.com - Banned for scamming clients money, typical scam, no refuning, very low quality services, if you want to loose your money you can buy hosting from them or fake licenses they sell. Using a mutliple number of scam websites, fake customer service number and e-mails and contact forms. Your client informations may be leaked to other people without your notification. His scam websites are
  1. www.cmsonic.com

  2. www.cmslicense.com

  3. www.cptip.net

This is the one of the worst scam we faced on the e-worldhosting.com, extremely careful.


More here.


Worst scamming ever, no refunding, you loose your money for sure, unprofessional, fake phone customer numbers and contact form, selling fake licenses not a legit distributor, multiple websites operated by the same scammer.




  • vpsdatabase.com - The top scam of the scammers, this is a legit scammer, if you want to loose your money and worried for your data hosted on their servers then you can buy from them, not refunding money, suspending it's clients and blackmailing them to give him money for unsuspension and not termination and to get the data back. Fake and unprofessional hosting, more than a typical scammer, using fake phone customer services number. You can search on the word wide web and you will see he has multiple reports for scamming. The owner of scam vpsdatabase.com is using multiple websites
  1. http://www.spetsnazhost.com

This is the one of the worst scam we faced on the e-worldhosting.com, extremely careful.


More here


Serious scamming, not refunding after he takes money not answering your e-mails, fake phone customer services, low quality services and fake services just to attract clients to scam them, blackmailing of the clients asking for money to unsuspend them and not terminate them from his servers, suspending for no reason just to blackmail for taking money, operating multiple scam websites.

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Posted 01 February 2017 - 10:50 AM

https://www.premiumhosting.cl added to the list, multiple infractions, scamming people and providing fake details, kid operating the hosting not safe for using and storing file.

Also tagged with one or more of these keywords: scam, scammers

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