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Audacity 3.0 - Creative Audio Editing Bootcamp 2023

Audacity Creative Audio Editing Bootcamp

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Posted 30 March 2023 - 07:23 PM

Free Download Audacity 3.0 - Creative Audio Editing Bootcamp 2023
Published 3/2023
MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
Language: English | Size: 3.34 GB | Duration: 5h 51m
Learn creative audio editing with Audacity. Tune music to 432 hz. Make cover songs, remixes, mashups, SFX and more.

Free Download What you'll learn
Learn Audio Editing from scratch.
Get experience using Audacity - a free, open-source audio editing tool.
Create audio content suitable for Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and other social media.
Make cover songs - adjust and align music with voice.
Learn to tune and listen to audio at 432 hz and other frequencies.
Create remixes, mashups, and edits of popular retro themes - lofi, nightcore etc.
Complete challenges and apply practically to reinforce your knowledge and skill.
Access an amazing resource of 100% free music.
Set up audio and calming music for personal meditation or relaxation videos.
Work with a dozen different sound effects for various purposes.
Create your own sound effects.
Learn to apply the Autotune effect to your voice.
Computer capable of running Audacity
Mic (Optional)
No audio editing experience needed. You will learn everything you need to know
5.5+ Hours, 40+ Lectures, Premium Video Content. In a world full of subscriptions, gain lifetime access with one payment. That too, with a 30-day money back guarantee.Audacity 3.0 - Creative Audio Editing Bootcamp 2023 is designed to help you learn audio editing the fun way, for fun things. The best way to learn is to learn by doing, and in this course, we are going to just do that. Nothing extra, nothing irrelevant. We are going to dive into it directly, and before you know it, you will have gained a plethora of valuable knowledge and skill.I will be helping you become a confident user of the powerful open source tool, Audacity. We will start off with the basics. Downloading the software, getting familiar with its user interface, bringing in audio for editing, exporting edited work in various formats, and using Audacity as a recorder. Basics of audio editing include cutting, copying, pasting, and duplicating audio, and working with multiple tracks at the same time.Audacity® software is copyright © 1999-2021 Audacity Team.The name Audacity® is a registered trademark.Most top courses on the software focus on the podcasting, voice recording, and noise cancellation aspects. This is a different course, mainly targeting creative applications of audio editing.Audio editing does not have to be overwhelming or boring, nor does it have to be only for music professionals or trained artists. Your background does not matter. Get to business straightaway, and start creating covers, remixes, mashups, loops, and edits of your favorite songs. Lofi retro themes are pretty popular these days. You can definitely make the most out of jumping on the bandwagon. Put your remixes out there on Instagram reels, TikTok videos, YouTube shorts or other social media. Who knows when one might go viral.If that is already not enough, start using Audacity to enhance your spiritual experiences. If you are into meditation and interested in working with different chakras, auras, and energies, you can benefit by using Audacity to set up various kinds of tones at the exact frequencies of your choice, like the 432 Hz frequency. In addition, use Audacity to tune any music or sound of your liking to a different frequency, and enjoy listening to it on your own terms. You can take this skill and create calming tranquil experiences for others as well. For example, creating one of those relaxation YouTube videos with soothing background music of a certain frequency and an aesthetic moving picture, helping people study, focus, or relax better.We will also work with a great number of different useful sound effects. Sound Effects that can be used in various scenarios, for example, in games, videos, memes, ads etc. You will also learn to create sound effects out of your own recordings and sounds. We will also touch upon Autotune, and how to try to make your vocals more aligned with a piece of music.Your imagination is your only limit, and this course will even help you enriching that. Frequent challenges suggested for you to complete at regular points in the course, aimed at aiding you reinforce your learning, will help you cement the knowledge and take your skill to the next level. You will get a chance to blend and consolidate all of the above gained knowledge and skill to create masterpieces of art. I will also introduce you to an amazing resource of 100% free music and more.I understand that these are economically testing times, and therefore I have priced the course such that it fits the range for almost everyone. What is even more important, I believe, investing in yourself never goes in vain, especially in times of uncertainty, where it probably becomes a pretty safe, if not the safest bet.If you want to learn audio editing in an enjoyable way, become a confident user of Audacity, create remixes, tune frequencies, learn to work with multiple sfx, and or add a new cool skill to your resume, then this course is for you. Enroll now, and lets get started. See you inside.
Section 1: Introductions
Lecture 1 Course Intro
Lecture 2 Instructor - meet and greet
Lecture 3 Course Contents
Lecture 4 About Audacity
Lecture 5 Make the most out of this course
Lecture 6 Copyrights and Intellectual Property
Section 2: Getting Started
Lecture 7 Downloading Audacity for Windows
Lecture 8 Downloading Audacity for Mac and Linux
Lecture 9 Import and Export files
Lecture 10 Using Audacity to Record Sound
Lecture 11 Multiple Tracks
Lecture 12 Saving Project Files
Lecture 13 Quick Tips on Project Management
Lecture 14 Cover Song Project - part 1
Lecture 15 Cover Song Project - part 2
Lecture 16 Major Audio File Formats
Lecture 17 Challenge - Your First Song
Lecture 18 Challenge Follow Up - Instructor Input
Lecture 19 Keyboard Shortcuts
Section 3: 432 Hz and more
Lecture 20 Sound and Waves
Lecture 21 Interference
Lecture 22 432 Hz part 1
Lecture 23 432 Hz part 2
Lecture 24 Challenge - 432 Hz
Lecture 25 Pitch, Speed, and Tempo
Lecture 26 Sample Rates
Section 4: Remixing
Lecture 27 Lo-fi Remix
Lecture 28 Nightcore Remix
Lecture 29 Echo
Lecture 30 Loops
Lecture 31 Mixing Multiple Songs - 1
Lecture 32 Mixing Multiple Songs - 2
Section 5: Sound Effects
Lecture 33 Bass and Treble
Lecture 34 Stretch
Lecture 35 Loudness Normalization, Invert, Reverse
Lecture 36 Funny Synthwave
Lecture 37 Distortion
Lecture 38 Miscellaneous Effects
Lecture 39 Let Audacity Generate Sounds
Lecture 40 Create your own Sound Effects
Section 6: Themes and Plugins
Lecture 41 Custom Themes
Lecture 42 Plug-ins part 1
Lecture 43 Plug-ins part 2
Lecture 44 Autotune
Section 7: End of Course Challenge
Lecture 45 The Challenge
Lecture 46 Instructor Attempt
Section 8: Conclusions
Lecture 47 Congratulations - You did it!
Lecture 48 Future Opportunities
Lecture 49 Bonus Lecture - Surprise!
Anyone who wants to learn audio editing by working on fun projects,Anyone interested in using the Audacity software for creative purposes,Content creators interested in making cover songs, remixes, mashups, and or edits, of popular trending songs,Social media users wanting to edit background music for their Instagram reels, TikToks, or YouTube videos,People interested in spirituality, meditation, healing, activating chakras, and tones of certain frequencies like 432 hz,Singers, Game Developers, Musicians, Artists of all backgrounds


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